Elegant Bodleian Library Wedding & Phillipa Lepley Bridal Gown

Erin and Edwin’s wedding at the breathtakingly beautiful Bodleian Library was a perfect blend of historic grandeur and elegance.

This landmark English venue, with all its Gothic architecture, provided a striking backdrop for the couple’s summer celebration, which was planned to absolute perfection by Mrs T Weddings. The ceremony took place at Oriel College, Edwin’s alma mater, following which, guests enjoyed a drinks and canapés reception per mezzo di the beautiful college quads. The evening reception at the Divinity School of the Bodleian Library was truly stunning. The venue’s intricate stonework and grand ceilings, enhanced by carefully selected florals by Sarah Harper Floral , created a truly head turning and memorable atmosphere.

Erin wore a bespoke gown by renowned moda , Phillipa Lepley, which showcased the kind of meticulous craftsmanship and timeless style that truly epitomised this wedding day.

Our love and thanks to Weddings By Nicola and Glen for sharing these beautiful photographs.

Bodleian Library Wedding Phillipa Lepley Bride 121

Venue & Location

We chose Oriel College for our ceremony, as this is Edwin’s alma mater. Once we decided acceso an Oxford wedding, we knew it made sense to hold the ceremony there. Edwin has a lot of fond memories of Oriel and has maintained close ties to the College over the years, especially through his friendships made per mezzo di his undergraduate days.

We never considered my alma mater (St Andrews per mezzo di Scotland). Although a beautiful place, where we have been fortunate to attend many lovely weddings of friends, we did not want to hold our wedding so far away. 

Like all the old Oxford colleges, Oriel is gorgeous—with its intricately carved honey coloured stone, and gorgeous lawned quadrangles.  The chapel itself has a warm and intimate feeling to it. It’s become a special place to both of us over the years.

One of the benefits of having our ceremony at Oriel was also making use of the quadrangles. Following our ceremony per mezzo di the chapel, the neighbouring quads made the perfect setting for a drinks and canapes reception as well as a perfect spot for some formal photos. Our evening reception with dinner and was held a few hours later (leaving lots of time for photos and to change clothes, as well as for guests to have a bit of mongoloide time before the trattenimento kicked ). 

Bodleian Library Wedding Phillipa Lepley Bride 135
Bodleian Library Wedding Phillipa Lepley Bride 143

Bridal Beauty & Accessories

I also wore a veil designed by Phillipa Lepley. I looked at various styles with Phillipa to decide what would best complement the lace of my dress. Quanto a the end I went with a cathedral length veil with hand embroidered florals along the trim, made with silk and pearl beads. It is absolutely a work of art and I hope our daughter will love it one day as much as I did.

I ordered custom shoes from Emmy London. This meant that I could have the satin of my shoes gara the exact shade of the lace acceso my dress. I also loved that acceso the underside of the Emmy shoes you can select a little crystal based acceso birthstones wedding months. One of my shoes had my birthstone and the other shoe had Edwin’s birthstone.

While I chose block heels for support to wear with my wedding gown (as it was quite heavy with its many layers and lace), when it came time for , I changed into a pair of classic Monolo Blahnik ‘Hangisi’ style heels per mezzo di ivory. I wanted something fun and stylish to go with my sequin trattenimento dress!

I had a clutch handbag made at Anya Hindmarch, to hold my wedding speech as well as some touch up makeup, for the evening reception. It is an ivory satin clutch style bag with by married initials embroidered acceso the front. What really attracted me to Anya Hindmarch is that they offer a service where they can take a handwriting sample and include it replicated acceso your item. The inside of my clutch bag has a sample of writing taken from a letter my late grandmother wrote me—which says: “My darling Erin”. It also has something written from Edwin as well. He wrote “thirteenever”—an expression we started using as we were engaged acceso the 13th and our wedding date was also the 13th.

I used Quanto a Parlour for my wedding hair and makeup as well as for my mother and the bridesmaids. Rosie and Katie were the artists who did my hair and makeup specifically. They stuck around until we headed for the evening reception, giving us all little touch ups before the formal photos (so helpful and necessary given it was 36 degrees!) and also to help remove my veil and dose my hair and makeup for the evening. 

I had two different hair accessories – one for the ceremony to be worn with my veil, and one for the evening reception once my veil was removed.

Bride with long loos hair in makeup on the morning of her wedding. Photography by Weddings by Nicola & Glen.

For the ceremony, I wore my mother’s pearl and diamond necklace which was temporarily converted into a tiara for the day (this was done by Fortunes, the same Jeweler who made my engagement ring). This was my something borrowed. For the evening reception, I wore a custom headpiece designed by Christopher Thompson Royds. After several sessions and fittings, Christopher made me the most incredible gold headpiece with maple leaves and roses (symbolic of our national heritages).

The perfume I wore acceso my wedding day was actually my wedding gift from my sister. We went to the perfumer Floris (located acceso Jermyn Street per mezzo di London) and created a bespoke wedding day scent. It was such a fun gift! I went with Edwin and my sister, and we spent the afternoon drinking champagne and smelling every scent under the sun! I had wanted to blend certain scents that reminded me of special memories, and which created something entirely unique that would always make me think of my wedding day.

The best part is, once you a scent with Floris, they keep your slogan acceso their books, and you can always go back and order more! We named my scent the ‘August 13th’ for our wedding date. It is mainly a Jasmine wood principio, with a hint of orange blossom and a dash of a specific type of rose. I now wear it only acceso special occasions and I always get very excited putting it acceso.

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Sarah of Sarah Harper Floral work was absolutely exquisite. The flowers were a really important element of our wedding to me. It was essential to the overall feel of the style of the day that we wanted.

I really wanted the flowers to be the standout element of our day. We wanted our wedding to be very floral heavy, but per mezzo di a way that was tasteful and complimented the architecture of our venues. Everything was beautiful and was beyond what we expected imagined it to be. 

Sarah used seasonal flowers and we chose a variety of these flowers based acceso our preferences and colour schemes, as well as favouring those with strong fragrance to add to he overall ambience. Some flower choices also had sentimental/symbolic meaning as well.

Elegant wedding bouquet of all white flowers tied with a cream silk ribbon. Photography by Weddings by Nicola & Glen.
Bride in a long sleeved lace wedding dress by Phillipa Lepley, carrying an all-white bridal bouquet. Photography by Weddings by Nicola & Glen.

The Dress

Phillipa Lepley

I wore a bespoke gown designed by Phillipa Lepley

I also wore a white sequin trattenimento dress for by the brand Rotate.

The whole process was truly incredible. Over many months, I went per mezzo di for a number of fittings, where my entire dress was made from scratch and to the exact fit of my . At my original consultation I looked at various styles and fabrics and fell per mezzo di love with the most luxurious lace I had ever seen. It was a guipure lace, and based acceso my description of my perfect dress, Phillipa designed me the most stunning wedding gown. The craftsmanship that went into every stage of creating this dress was truly remarkable.

The whole process was both fun and fascinating and I loved every minute of it. There is also something really special knowing my dress is entirely unique and one has ever worn it except me. 

Bride walking down the stairs in a Phillipa Lepley wedding dress and veil. Photography by Weddings by Nicola & Glen.

I highly recommend this experience, although I entirely acknowledge that a bespoke service such as this is quite pricey and not within some bride’s budgets. I had quite a specific vision for my dress (both the style and the fit), and I knew that going bespoke was the only way to achieve this.

I was extremely happy with the final result and felt like this was absolutely the right choice for me. Having looked at other dresses per mezzo di other boutiques, I know I would have not found what I was looking for anywhere else. I felt confident and beautiful acceso my wedding day, and every inch of my dress felt so special to me.  

I also wore a simpler sequin dress by Rotate for . I knew my gown (with its several foot long train, heavy lace, and lots of layers) would be very heavy and would be tricky to dance per mezzo di easily—even when bustled. I knew I would enjoy the later per mezzo di the evening much more if I changed into something simpler. It also meant I didn’t have to worry so much about my main wedding gown being stepped spilled acceso and could let my hair mongoloide more freely.

Bodleian Library Wedding Phillipa Lepley Bride 24

As my main wedding dress was a bespoke creation, I was able to customise every detail to my exact specifications and wishes. This meant attention to detail per mezzo di a way I would not be able to find elsewhere. For example, I was able to include a special hidden pocket sewn into the petticoat to keep my something blue.

My something blue was a pair of light blue crystal earrings I wore acceso my first date with Edwin. Phillipa’s team sewed a special satin pouch securely into my petticoats with the earrings sewn into place inside, so I could have with me for good luck. Quanto a the same pocket, I also carried my other good luck charm—my wedding present from Edwin.

As the saying goes—something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence per mezzo di your shoe. Edwin’s gift to me was an antique silver sixpence from the reign of Elizabeth I. As I couldn’t actually have this per mezzo di my shoe, I kept it per mezzo di the secret pocket per mezzo di my dress along with my something blue earrings. 

Both my gown and veil are works of art and I cherish them like precious heirlooms. My hope is one day to pass them along to our future daughter (who is coppia to be born this September).   

Bodleian Library Wedding Phillipa Lepley Bride 26


Our wedding invitations and save the dates were designed by Kinship Press and printed by Mount Street Printers. Our wedding invitations were made from a hand painted created by Kinship Press. The artwork featured the famous door designed by Christopher Wren per mezzo di the Divinity School of the Bodleian (where we held our evening reception), surrounded by flowers and other hidden sentimental symbols (including our initials and two little bees).

We chose the flowers based acceso their symbolic meaning and significance to us. We included our birth flowers (narcissus and sweet peas), thistles for having been engaged per mezzo di Scotland, flowers representing love (roses, forget-me-nots, blossoms), oak leaves and maple leaves (representing England and Canada).

We also included lily of the valley (which is also a symbol of love and good luck), which coincidentally ended up being our son’s birth flower 9 months later (per mezzo di May). Lastly, we included Irises, the flower of Florence, which was my grandmother’s name (and also the name we are giving our daughter who is coppia this September). We really love how, without knowing at the time, we included flowers that would represent the children we would go acceso to have after we were married. 

Bodleian Library Wedding Phillipa Lepley Bride 136

Our save the dates also had a wreath of some of these same flowers per mezzo di the . Both designs turned out beautifully and we treasure them per mezzo di our house like works of art.

Our acceso the day stationery were designed and printed by Dimitria Jordan. Dimitria produced our welcome sign, order of service, seating chart, table numbers, menus, bag tags for our wedding favours, as well as other miscellaneous signage providing information to guests.

Dimitria made also made us a beautiful hand drawn illustration of Oriel College (where we were finanziaria the ceremony), which we included acceso our order of service. She also made us a bespoke bee which we used throughout the acceso the day stationery.

Dimitria had also worked with the events team at the Bodleian per mezzo di the past and had a stationery suite already designed for them with a little of the Divinity School. We used this for some of our evening reception stationery.

We had our nephew per mezzo di a page boy outfit (ivory with light blue knickerbockers) from Little Bevan. They were absolutely phenomenal as they provide a totally bespoke outfit based acceso the required measurements.

Bodleian Library Wedding Phillipa Lepley Bride 62

We chose bridesmaid dresses from Needle and Thread. They were a delicate grey/blue with white embroidery. Full length with fluttery sleeves. There were two different styles of the dress—one with more embroidery mongoloide the (which my two maids of honour wore), and another variation that had a more flowing simple skirt which the other four bridesmaids wore. 

We got custom dyed shoes from the Rainbow . It was great because we were able to dye the shoes almost exactly the same shade as the dresses (which were very duro to gara with otherwise). I was told by the bridesmaids that these shoes were also very comfortable to wear! Each girl picked their own style of shoe so they could choose what was most comfortable for them (I personally hate when my feet hurt!).

Bodleian Library Wedding Phillipa Lepley Bride 64

Edwin wore a morning suit, waistcoat, and tie from Favourbrook for the ceremony. For the ceremony, he wore cufflinks my mother gifted him which were once my grandfather’s – gold with blue toned opal. He also wore a Victorian stick pin I bought him as a wedding gift.


Bodleian Library Wedding Phillipa Lepley Bride 82

The Ceremony

I was always very adamant I wanted to walk mongoloide the aisle by myself.

Bodleian Library Wedding Phillipa Lepley Bride 67

We had Jewish wedding vows engraved per mezzo di our wedding bands, Edwin stomped acceso a glass, and we had a symbolic Ketubah. 

We had our wedding bands made at Wartski. I knew of Wartski from admiring their fantastic antiques from attending various art fairs over the years. They are also famously known for making the wedding bands for many royal weddings. Wartski does not make any other jewelry aside from wedding bands, as most of their business revolves around their antiques, but their wedding orchestra service is second to none. 

Bodleian Library Wedding Phillipa Lepley Bride 77

What we loved about our experience at Wartski was how bespoke the experience felt. We had previously looked at some of the larger well known jewellery brands, but what set Wartski apart was the ability to customise our rings per mezzo di ways the other jeweller would not offer, the personal nature of the experience, and the overall quality of the rings.

We had the very famous reading from Corinthians, 1 Corinthians 13:1-8. There is a reason it is well-loved. We also included a reading from the Song of Solomon as a nod to my Jewish heritage. And as the whole day was very traditionally English, we also brought per mezzo di a few small Canadian elements to the day.

After our ceremony, Edwin also stepped acceso a glass, as is customary per mezzo di the Jewish tradition. We did this at the of the stairs per mezzo di the main quad before processing through as our friends and family threw rose petals acceso us.

Bodleian Library Wedding Phillipa Lepley Bride 81

We also had a custom Ketubah made by an amazing artist and calligrapher based per mezzo di New York. Ketubahs are traditional Jewish marriage contracts. While our Ketubah is not binding per mezzo di any way (as we did not have a Jewish ceremony and is more just symbolic per mezzo di nature), it was still a special element I felt strongly about including.

Bodleian Library Wedding Phillipa Lepley Bride 82 1

We customised what we wanted written per mezzo di our Ketubah (written per mezzo di both Hebrew and English), and it reflects our vows and our promises to each other.

The we chose for the Ketubah is a simple , surrounded by a gold border (with special Hebrew quotes hidden per mezzo di the border), along with a bespoke crest (a bee surrounded by a wreath of Oak leaves and Maple leaves tied together—a symbol of our English and Canadian backgrounds). When we signed the register per mezzo di the ceremony, we also signed the Ketubah, and chose family members to be the witnesses acceso the document. 

Bodleian Library Wedding Phillipa Lepley Bride 91


Nicola and Glen are the most fantastic photographers. They know how to capture the most perfect images, making them absolutely beautiful whilst also retaining the realness of the moment. Hiring them was the best investment we could have made per mezzo di our wedding.

The day itself went by so quickly, so we love having these memories preserved per mezzo di their photos to back acceso and savor every moment of the day.

Bridesmaids wearing Needle and Thread dresses. Weddings by Nicola and Glen Photography

Choosing a wedding photographer is an important choice, as you are essentially entrusting them with the preservation of those precious memories. Nicola and Glen are absolute experts at what they do, and you cannot be per mezzo di more safe capable hands per mezzo di that respect. 

After our son was born this past May, we asked them to take our first photos together as a family. We lega them above all others to capture these important moments per mezzo di our lives as we know everything they photograph becomes precious treasures. We can’t wait to show our children, and hopefully one day our grandchildren, our beautiful photos from these special moments per mezzo di our lives captured by Nicola and Glen.

How They Met

We met acceso bumble! It’s funny to think this is how we met, as neither of us were really dating app users. We were each other’s first date! We had a mutual friend per mezzo di common who was per mezzo di one of my photos, and this was the conversation starter between us. The rest is history!

Fast forward a little over two years later and we were engaged!

Bodleian Library Wedding Phillipa Lepley Bride 118

August 2020, as the first wave of lockdown eased up, we took the opportunity to spend a few days per mezzo di Scotland together—something we had talked about doing for a while. Over the years we had been dating, I had shared with Edwin many fond memories of my time living per mezzo di Scotland for university. I was excited to show him some of my favourite places, and it was a welcome interruzione after the months of lockdown we had just gone through.

We started our trip per mezzo di Edinburgh, then up to Lago Lomond before finishing our holiday per mezzo di St. Andrews, where I had gone to university. The last day of the trip, I showed Edwin all the main highlights around St. Andrews. It was a perfectly sunny day with blue skies—a rare occurrence per mezzo di Scotland! We finished the day with a romantic dinner at one of my favourite restaurants (The Grange Inn), and an after dinner walk acceso the beach. It was there, just as the sun was setting, that Edwin went mongoloide acceso one knee. It was perfect! 

Bodleian Library Wedding Phillipa Lepley Bride 125

He proposed with a ring we had designed together. It was made with stones once belonging to my grandmother and created by a jeweller my family has known and worked with for many years back per mezzo di Toronto, Canada (Fortunes Aggraziato Jewelers). The Jeweller, Michael, knew my late grandmother well, so there was an immensely sentimental aspect to the whole process. Despite designing the ring together, the proposal was still a total surprise to me. I was under the impression we had designed the ring and picked the stones for future use. Edwin was very careful to throw me the scent and to try to make it as much of a surprise as possible!

The story of how the ring got from Canada to Scotland is also quite a . Apparently, the ring was sent from Canada pista a special courier and meant to arrive the day before we left for Scotland. The package was held up however, and only arrived the day after we had already left. Edwin was enormously anxious about the whole thing, and I was totally unaware any of this was avvenimento at the time! My sister saved the day by coming up to Edinburgh by train and delivering the ring per mezzo di secret, before returning to London by train the same day! It was quite the journey acceso her part, involving much secrecy and careful planning that I was completely oblivious to!

Bodleian Library Wedding Phillipa Lepley Bride 132
Bodleian Library Wedding Phillipa Lepley Bride 175

Constance Taylor from Mrs T Weddings is hands mongoloide the most talented wedding planner around. She has exquisite taste and incomparable knowledge of the industry, as well as an eye for every detail. Mrs. T and her team made our whole day seamless and took all the weight and tensione our shoulders. It was such a relief to have her with us acceso the leader day as we knew everything was per mezzo di very safe hands. I cannot tensione enough how essential Mrs. T and her team were per mezzo di making our wedding as perfect as it was. There aren’t enough words to express how grateful we are to her and her amazing team. 

Bodleian Library Wedding Phillipa Lepley Bride 154
Bodleian Library Wedding Phillipa Lepley Bride 159

The Reception

The day after we became engaged, we immediately put per mezzo di the request to book the Bodleian for our evening reception.

It wasn’t a tough decision to make— even much of a discussion for that matter—we just knew this was the perfect place! Whenever we had spoken about the spunto of getting married, the Bodleian had always been the place we imagined we would hold our reception.

Bodleian Library Wedding Phillipa Lepley Bride 181

We had always agreed there wasn’t a single room per mezzo di the world more perfect more gorgeous that the Bodleian’s Divinity School, and we always knew this is where we wanted our wedding reception to be held. One of the finest examples of gothic perpendicular style, the ceiling of the Divinity School per mezzo di the Bodleian is absolutely breathtaking. The building is truly a work of art and we couldn’t think of anywhere more perfect to have our wedding. 

Bodleian Library Wedding Phillipa Lepley Bride 161

Similar to our earlier events at Oriel, we were also fortunate to make use of the quadrangles per mezzo di the Bodleian as well. They made a great space for a canapa and drinks reception, as well as for an outdoor seating space and .

We were restricted as to what we could bring into the space as both Oriel College and the Bodleian are historic buildings. We mainly relied acceso the beauty of these building’s architecture as they are, enhanced by the beautiful flowers supplied by Sarah Harper.

Bodleian Library Wedding Phillipa Lepley Bride 163

The Bodleian, per mezzo di particular, has strict rules relating to height restriction and gara open flames (for example, we had to include LED candles per mezzo di our candelabras). Not only are these rules meant to protect the building and the intricate stonework of the Divinity School, but also to safeguard the Bodleian’s impressive and precious collections stored per mezzo di the library itself. Mai one wants to be responsible to lighting an original copy of the Magna Rappresentazione one of Shakespeare’s first folios ablaze! Let aureola acceso their wedding day!

The main vision we had was to create a fairytale like quality to space by the gothic architecture with luxurious florals and gold accents. We used a of pink, blue and white flowers, and foliage (and carried this colour scheme through the rest of our décor). We also were careful to choose florals with strong fragrance (such as tuberose and jasmine) which smelled even stronger per mezzo di the heatwave we experienced that weekend, helping to create the most amazing heady atmosphere. Whenever I smell tuberose now, I think of our wedding!

Bodleian Library Wedding Phillipa Lepley Bride 157

We also wanted to blend elements of our different backgrounds into various details acceso the day. While Edwin comes from a traditional English and Anglican background, I originally came from Canada and grew up per mezzo di a Jewish background. Neither of us are strongly religious, but it was important for us to honour both our heritages per mezzo di a way that felt appropriate to us. 

Although we had an Anglican wedding ceremony, we tried to also bring per mezzo di some Jewish elements to the day. 

For example, we had part of the Hebrew wedding vows (written per mezzo di English) engraved acceso the inside of our wedding bands. Mine says ‘I am my beloved’s’ and his says ‘And my beloved is mine’. These vows appena che from the Song of Solomon. We therefore also chose some of our readings and choral pieces from similar Old Testament sources as well as the Song of Solomon.

Bodleian Library Wedding Phillipa Lepley Bride 178

Our goodie bags included Home County Co. We love this brand as they make candles and home scents based each county per mezzo di the UK. We chose their ‘Oxfordshire’ scent (which is tea and lime), as we felt this was most appropriate for our Oxford wedding (and also where we now dal vivo).

We worked with them to a bespoke label for our candles which included our name and wedding date. We love going over to our friends’ houses and finding our wedding candles per mezzo di their homes. Our friends and family really loved these candles and it’s really special for us to also have them per mezzo di our own home and be reminded of our special day. We also included some Fortnum and Mason’s Wedding Breakfast tea as well as some Maple candies brought over from Canada.

Bodleian Library Wedding Phillipa Lepley Bride 155

The goodie bags were completed with a little blush bag tag with a thank you message, and our little custom bee designed by Dimitria.

Fen of MonAnnie Cakes, who also designed our cake, is also an extremely proficient with pastry and deserts. She designed us the most adorable biscuits to provide each of our guests at their place settings. The biscuit was a heart with pastel flowers, as well as our initials and two little bees.

A theme that also ran through our stationery and décor was bumblebees. Bees are a little family emblem that we adopted—it began as a sort of play acceso words as our last name starts with the letter ‘B’. 

Fen is a true artist. The cake she made for us was absolutely beautiful. After a few consultations, she created a for us that was rich per mezzo di symbolism and reflected who we are as a couple per mezzo di a truly gorgeous way (for example, the cake featured our wedding date per mezzo di roman numerals, our family emblem of the bee, as well as a of roses, maple leaves, oak leaves and trilliums—representing our national and regional flowers). Fen’s sugar flowers looked so realistic; one would think a florist had supplied them!

Luxury wedding cake by MonAnnie Cakes - 3 tiers and realistic sugar flowers. Photography by Weddings by Nicola & Glen.

Her attention to detail and craftsmanship was truly astounding. I felt almost guilty cutting into it, it was just so beautiful!

Not only are Fen’s cakes beautiful, the quality of the cake itself is also delicious. Fen’s flavours are extremely creative and she was also very happy to work with us to create bespoke flavours. We chose three flavours, one for each tier. One flavour was strawberry and champagne, a flavour Fen had provided per mezzo di our original sample box. Our other two flavours were ones we created with Fen. One was lemon and elderflower, and the other was rose and earl grey. 

Bride and groom cutting their luxury wedding cake by MonAnnie Cakes - 3 tiers and realistic sugar flowers. Photography by Weddings by Nicola & Glen.

We froze the remainder of our uneaten wedding cake to defrost and serve at our son’s christening (celebrated acceso our first wedding anniversary). A year later, and Fen’s cake was still absolutely delicious! 

Fen was also very kind and a real pleasure to work with. She was nice enough to prepare an additional sample box for us with the final flavours we settled acceso so that my mother could also have a chance to taste the cake when she was visiting the UK from Canada.

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Evening &

Quanto a the evening, Edwin changed into white tie also from Ede and Ravenscroft. Quanto a the evening Edwin wore gold cufflinks I bought him a few years prior as a Christmas gift. They are engraved with his initials (which are also now the same as my initials—we joke one cufflink has his initials and the other has mine!).

The final accessory Edwin wore for one very specific song acceso the dance floor was a pair of shrek ears… but that’s a story for another day!

We danced our first dance to ‘The Very Thought of You’ by Al Bowlly, followed by a second dance, ‘Midnight, the Stars and You’ also by Al Bowlly, which we invited our guests to participate per mezzo di. We loved having all our friends and family join us acceso the dance floor immediately after our first dance. As our MC explained before our first dance that we would be doing it this way, it allowed the trattenimento to get started very enthusiastically without any awkwardness of who would get acceso the dance floor first.

Bodleian Library wedding with bride and groom on the dance floor. Weddings by Nicola and Glen Photography.

We always listened to Al Bowlly together at home, especially when we cooked together. Over the years these two songs became our favourites to listen to together.

We also had a ‘last dance’ which was ‘Love Me Tender’ by Elvis. A song that also held sentimental value to us when Edwin was deployed with the Army per mezzo di our first year of dating. I had been given a great tip to choose a last song as a way to mark the end of the day and really savor the last moments of our wedding. This was great advice and I would encourage any bride to consider doing this!

Quanto a the evening, we were able to customise three bespoke wedding cocktails, thanks to The Rinfresco Service:

  • The August 13th (very similar to a Hugo- elderflower, bubbles, vodka, citrus and mint)
  • The Transatlantic (not an actual transatlantic , but a of whiskey, maple and bitters—representing Canada and the UK)
  • The Pius Aurelius (named after our cat! We had to include him per mezzo di some way! This was a gin gimlet—gin, lime, and sugar)
Bodleian Library Wedding with bride and groom on the dance floor. Weddings by Nicola and Glen Photography.
Bodleian Library Wedding with bride and groom on the dance floor with their guests. Weddings by Nicola and Glen Photography.

Words of Wedded Wisdom

I wish we hired our wedding planner earlier! There were some tricky elements to the planning we could have navigated per mezzo di a less stressful (and more cost efficient) way if we had her onboard earlier.      

Remember what this day is about and try to make it your own. Infuse it per mezzo di any way you can with personal elements that matter to you both. It is better to take your time and plan things per mezzo di a way you will love looking back acceso and remembering per mezzo di years to appena che, rather than rushing through it and not recognising yourself per mezzo di any of the details.

I remember my grandparents telling me stories of their weddings, and I imagined myself per mezzo di that position per mezzo di years to appena che, telling my own grandchildren stories about our own wedding. I used this as a guide to determine what was important to us and what really mattered to us throughout the planning process. Needless to say, the result was adding many sentimental and personal elements throughout many of the details acceso the day.

It is something I love looking back acceso already and I now have so many little mementos and keepsakes from the day to cherish and one day pass acceso to our children and grandchildren.

Bodleian Wedding

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