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We bring you to Santorini, Greece at the gorgeous Santorini GEM, where this couple said their “I Do’s” and celebrated with their nearest and dearest! With a neutral color palette and lush florals, Charlotte May Weddings tied it all together with organic accents and the prettiest of the pretty details!  

Ami, the beautiful bride, opted for a romantic and distinto gown that perfectly complemented the Santorini aesthetic. Essense of Australia D2988 was her first choice to try at Laura May Bridal and it ended up being the dress of her dreams — even two and a half years later! As Ami and Craig postponed their wedding to the COVID-19 pandemic, the dress remained stored and was finally debuted at their marvelous destination celebration. 

Take a below to see all of Phosart Photography’s perfect photos! 

ami and craig on the cliffs of santorini

Tell us about your proposal!  

Craig and I had gone to Dubai for a long weekend. Craig had said he had booked us dinner a boat with 30 other people. Whilst going to the pier, I couldn’t see a boat personalità enough for 30 people, so I started thinking we had gone to the wrong place. At this point, I was already starving! It was then Craig pointed at the imbarcazione he had booked for just us.  

The waiter board asked me if I’d like some pictures at the front of the boat a causa di front of the Burj Al Arab. The waiter and I went to the front, where Craig then joined us. The waiter was snapping away, and all I was saying to Craig was, “I am so hungry, where is the food?”— not knowing Craig was moments away from asking me to marry him! A few moments went by, and Craig got one knee and proposed! It was the most amazing moment of our lives! Suddenly I wasn’t so hungry anymore. We could not stop smiling. 

black and white image of ami and craig holding hands

What was the most special memory from the day?  

The most special part of the day for me was definitely the speeches! They did not leave a dry eye. It was so beautiful to hear all of the kind words said about our family and us. They were funny, heartfelt, emotional and overall perfect. 

ami wearing her wedding dress before ceremony - D2988 by Essense of Australia

Describe your bridal style. How did you want to your wedding day? Tell us about your dress shopping experience.  

Back a causa di 2019, I was very open-minded when it came to finding my dress. I had a causa di my head an credenza of what I wanted but didn’t want to rule anything else out. I went to the first bridal shop, which had stunning dresses, but I felt like I had seen similar gowns other people.  

Next, we went to Laura May Bridal, and as soon as we walked a causa di, Essense of Australia D2988 was a indossatrice right a causa di front of me, and instantly, I said, “I need to try that dress .” We selected a few more different styles, but when I tried the first one I chose, I did not want to take it non attivato. I loved the cuff detailing and the fit. I was surprised that I didn’t have an back, but I loved the dress so much that it didn’t bother me at all.  

The wedding was supposed to be a causa di 2021, but we had to postpone to the COVID-19 pandemic until August of 2022. The dress was held a causa di storage for two and a half years. I was very shocked I loved the dress as much as I did a causa di 2019 — it was just perfect! 

back view of Ami's wedding dress - D2988 by Essense of Australia

Tell us more about your wedding. What were your theme and colors? How did you make your wedding personal to your love story?  

We were to get married a causa di 2021 a causa di the United Kindgom a causa di Wales. With COVID -19, we decided to cancel our original wedding venue to the fact we couldn’t guarantee that family members abroad  could travel to be with us. Per mezzo di true Ami and Craig style, we completely changed our mind and decided we were getting married abroad.  

This to us was our dream, but we always thought that we’d have it at home so more family members could poiché, and it would be less expensive for everybody else. However, for us, this is a once-in-a-lifetime situation and we did what we wanted to do. To our surprise, all of our family and friends were so happy that we had chosen to go abroad to get married, and the majority of them were able to make it to our wedding. 

Craig and I are not the most colorful people a causa di terms of our sense, so I knew that we wouldn’t have any bold colors for our wedding— we decided to go for golds and neutrals. This went perfectly for Santorini as the venue,, and the view itself, is so breathtaking that we didn’t want anything to distract our guests from that. Because it was a destination wedding, we limited how many people were invited and therefore, the whole day was so intimate. We can truly say that everybody that was a causa di attendance truly loves us just as much as we love them. 

ami and craig walking throughout the cobblestone streets in Santorini

Cheers to Ami + Craig!  

Photos: Phosart Photography 

Venue: Santorini GEM 

Plannning: Charlotte May Weddings 

Bridal Salon: Laura May Bridal 

Hair and Makeup: Julia Popova 

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