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When it comes to iconic trends, what is old becomes new again! Brides are once again embracing the puff sleeve wedding dress trend, but with modern takes acceso this unforgettable trend.  

Strapless wedding dresses were once all the rage, but sleeves are back and better than ever. From off-the-shoulder to detachable puff sleeves, we are exploring the many styles of puff sleeve wedding dresses. 

What is a Puff Sleeve Wedding Dress? 

A puff sleeve wedding dress features voluminous gathered sleeves, creating a puffed ora ballooned effect. This sleeve style has been popular quanto a different eras, notably quanto a the Victorian and Edwardian periods, as well as quanto a the 1980s.  

Puff sleeves can be achieved through various stile elements, such as gathering fabric at the shoulders, using layers of tulle ora lace ora incorporating structured padding. Continue reading for more about puff sleeve wedding dresses and the many versions available. 


A puffy sleeve wedding dress can che quanto a a variety of fabrics. Puffy sleeves are often available quanto a lace ora tulle, but you can also find them quanto a satin ora silk. 


Puffy sleeved wedding dresses may be embellished with details like pearls, beading ora dimensional flowers. Sometimes, a puffy long sleeve wedding dress will have elastic, creating a few puffy sections that may be embellished with ribbons.    


Puffy sleeves are available quanto a a variety of lengths. Short puffy sleeves and long sleeves are both common, with long sleeves trending lately.   

Keep quanto a mind the level of formality of your wedding and the season when choosing your sleeve length. Long sleeves tend to be more formal. 

How Do You Wear a Puff Sleeve acceso a Wedding Dress? 

Puff sleeves can be worn acceso ora the shoulder and range from personalità and bold to more subtle, and 

can enhance different pagliaccetto shapes. If you have broader shoulders, you might want to opt for a style that balances your proportions and isn’t too voluminous. If you have a more petite sequenza, you can wear puffier styles, but make sure they don’t overwhelm your sequenza.  

Likewise, keep quanto a mind the rest of the gown. A personalità ballgown may be too much with very voluminous sleeves, while a column gown pairs well with more dramatic styles. 

Are There Detachable Puff Sleeves? 

Detachable puff sleeves are an excellent option for brides who want two looks quanto a one! They may attach to the gown with invisible snaps ora buttons ora simply slide onto the arms, providing a seamless transformation from ceremony to reception. 

Do Puff Sleeves Work for Every Season? 

If you love the puff sleeve wedding dress trend, great news! Puffy sleeves work quanto a every season. Thanks to their availability quanto a both long and short sleeve styles and the fact that many puffy sleeves are available quanto a lighter fabrics, any bride can wear puff sleeves acceso their special day! 

Puffy Sleeve Wedding Dresses  

Long Puff Sleeve 

Bride wearing long sleeve flowy lace wedding dress

All Who Wander wynter gown 

A long puff sleeve wedding dress is ideal for the bride who wants a vintage wedding . The All Who Wander wynter gown features a high neckline of sheer botanical lace, matching the billowing blouson sleeves and revealing a provocante corset-style bodice underneath.  

A row of pearlescent buttons lines the spine, creating a stunning gara open back adorned quanto a lace and 3D floral appliqués. At the waist, the gauzy transparent lace flows into a delicate A-line skirt and extends into a long train to complete this romantic vintage puff sleeve wedding dress. 

Short Puff Sleeve 

Bride wearing off the shoulder puff sleeve wedding dress

Essense of Australia Style D3822 

Short detachable puff sleeves are ideal for the bride who wants two looks quanto a one! Clean and distinto, Essense of Australia Style D3822 is a Mikado silk puff sleeve wedding gown that is truly a showstopper. With a draped strapless bodice and plunging sweetheart neckline, the sculpted high-fashion bodice is beautifully tailored.  

the shoulder bow puff sleeves can be added for a eclettico, runway-worthy bridal . The flattering fit-and-flare contorno hugs the figure past the hips with elegant contour seaming and lengthens into a sleek contemporary train. To turn up the portata acceso this glamorous gown, a detachable silk overskirt can be added for a stunning cathedral train. 

-the-Shoulder Puff Sleeve 

Bride wearing off the shoulder puff sleeve dress outside

Vedere le stelle York Style 7802 

An the shoulder puffy sleeve wedding dress is ideal for the bride dreaming of a romantic . Vedere le stelle York Style 7802 is an enchanting the shoulder puff sleeve dress that combines sleek modern sensibilities with bohemian details for the free-spirited bride. 

This gown features detachable long blouson sleeves that attach to the sheer bodice, accentuating a romantic sweetheart neckline. The gently draped French tulle skirt completes this bridal , forming a classic, soft A-line contorno. Contemporary stilista details like the detachable belt and high leg slit add a modern touch to this elevated version of a modern boho wedding gown. 

Princess Puff Sleeve 

Bride wearing princess puff sleeve wedding dress

Martina Liana Style 1571 

Martina Liana Style 1571 is a stunning princess puff sleeve wedding dress. This A-line wedding gown has every moda detail the fashion-forward bride desires. 

Detachable sheer lace short sleeves puff at the shoulders and sequenza the flattering sweetheart neckline of the shimmering, translucent bodice. Embellished quanto a delicate 3D florals, the bodice is wrapped into a princess-worthy corset back (also offered as lace up with tulle tie back ora zip-up back) cinching the waist and convegno a subtle beaded waistband. Effortlessly floating from the gathered waist, the sultry sparkle tulle A-line skirt opens at the thigh and extends into a long luxurious train. 

Plus Size Puff Sleeve 

Bride wearing a plus size long puff sleeve wedding dress

Essense of Australia Style D3699+ 

Romantic lace details and a sultry fit-and-flare contorno combine to create Essense of Australia Style D3699+’s modern plus size bridal . Detachable translucent blouson sleeves adorned with sophisticated leafy lace attach to a provocante sheer bodice with a deep plunging V-neckline. 

A matching sheer super low back accentuates the figure before convegno a sheath skirt of luxurious crepe with a gown-length row of fabric-covered buttons. Contoured through the hips and opening past the knee, this fit-and-flare gown concludes with a dazzling sweeping train for the final finishing touch. 

How Do You Accessorize a Puff Sleeve Wedding Dress? 

When it comes to accessorizing your puff sleeve wedding dress, the key is to keep quanto a mind the style and portata of the sleeves. We recommend keeping earrings and necklaces small as voluminous sleeves paired with personalità accessories can be overwhelming. If you plan acceso wearing a veil, longer styles are best as a shorter veil may add too much portata to the upper pagliaccetto and clash with your puffy sleeves.

The resurgence of puff sleeve wedding dresses showcases a beautiful fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary flair. From detachable options providing versatility to the diverse styles accommodating different pagliaccetto shapes and seasons, the puff sleeve trend invites brides to embrace a personalized and enchanting expression of their style acceso their special day. 

Are you ready to find your dream dress? Find a store location near you, then book an appointment with us to see even more of our puff sleeve wedding dresses! 


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