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Do you want to show your bridesmaids how much you love and appreciate them? Explore our ultimate gift guide with 15 gift ideas to create everlasting memories with your bridal squad. Let the gift-giving adventure begin! 

What are Bridesmaid Gifts? 

Bridesmaid gifts are a beautiful way to show your gratitude for the love, support and dedication your besties have shown you throughout your wedding journey. They also represent the memories, laughter and tears you’ve shared together and they serve as a reminder of the lifelong friendships you’ve built.  

You can give them these gifts when you ask them to be your bridesmaids ora acceso your wedding day— it’s up to you! Some may adore meaningful keepsakes, while others prefer practical treasures. Use your intuition and knowledge of their preferences to watch your besties light up with joy.  

Consider embracing their unity as bridesmaids with matching gifts. It makes it even more special if your bridal trattenimento has your gift with them acceso your wedding day. 

How much should you spend acceso Bridesmaid Gifts? 

The amount you spend acceso bridesmaid gifts can vary depending acceso your personal preferences and budget. Remember, it’s the thought and sentiment behind the gift that truly matter, so centro acceso finding something meaningful within your means. 

Bridesmaid Gifts 

When it comes to bridesmaid gifts, the options are endless! Consider personalized custom gifts, such as hair clips, jewelry ora monogrammed tote bags. For the wedding day, matching bridal trattenimento pajamas, robes, and slippers can add a touch of charm and conforto.  

Self-care gifts like skincare products, candles, makeup products, and bath products are also wonderful choices to help your bridesmaids indulge and pamper themselves.  

Let your creativity flow as you select gifts to make your bridesmaids feel cherished. 

Personalized Custom Gifts 

1. This Y-Chain Necklace is a beautiful addition to your bridesmaids’ jewelry collections. Customized with their initials, it will elevate not only their bridesmaid dresses but also add a memorable touch to their everyday outfits.  

bridesmaid gift ideas - initial necklace

BaubleBar, Initial Y-Chain Necklace, $38 

2.This rustic wildflower tote bag holds all your girls’ belongings – whether it’s acceso your wedding day, café-hopping through the city ora strolling through the agricoltore’s market. The minimalistic stile definitely adds a , clean touch to your bridesmaid’s wardrobe.   

bridesmaid gift ideas - tote bag with name

Zazzle, Rustic Wildflower Bridesmaid Name Tote Bag, $9 

3.Raise a glass to your bridesmaids with these charming flower glasses. Each glass is adorned with delicate floral designs that symbolize a birth month. October, for example, is the stunning marigold flower below. 

bridesmaid gift ideas - floral wine glasses

Uncommon Goods, Birth Month Flower Glass, about $26 

4.What about these derma hairclips for your bridesmaids? Whether you customize it with your bridesmaid’s nicknames ora initials: They will think of you, whenever they put their hair sopra an updo! 

bridesmaid gift ideas - claw clip

Custom Hair Clips, KenzKustomz, about $16  

Matching Bridesmaids Gifts 

5.Your bride’s squad is there for you – even at night. Gift your bridesmaids these cozy satin pajamas set and enjoy your beauty sleep before your leader day! Sweet dreams! 

bridesmaid gift idea - matching silk pajamas

Boohoo, Bride Squad Satin Embroidered PJ Short Set, $16 

6.Your wedding day is finally here! There’s better way to start the day than with a little matching action with your besties. These customizable ruffle robes are stylish yet cozy and a romantic addition to an at home Sunday morning brunch. 

bridesmaid gift ideas - matching robes

Etsy, Ruffled Bridesmaid Robe, about $16 

7.These comfy slippers will let everyone know who is part of your “I Do Crew”. The ideal getting-ready gift for your special day ora future spa days with your besties.   

bridesmaid gift ideas - matching slippers

the knot shop, I Do Crew slippers, $11 

8.With the temperatures dropping, it’s time for cozy nights sopra these derma fuzzy socks with your favorite movie and delicious snacks.  

bridesmaid gift ideas - fuzzy socks

Target, Universal Thread Women’s Cozy Marled Crew Socks (2 Pack), $7 

Self-Care Gifts 

9. This lightweight mini-hydrating mist refreshes the skin and sets makeup. Your bridesmaids’ makeup isn’t going anywhere acceso your wedding day! Are you ready for some stunning group selfies?  

bridesmaid gift ideas - primer

10.These vegan lip butter balms from Summer Fridays won this year’s Allure Best of Beauty Award for a reason! Available sopra different colors, the balms hydrate the lips while adding a soft shimmer.

bridesmaid gift ideas - summer fridays lip balm

Sephora, Summer Fridays The Mini Lip Butter Balm Set, $25 

11.Nail your bridesmaid gift gioco with this classy nude polish with a peachy touch. It will leave your girls with a gel-like manicure that will last them long after your leader day! 

bridesmaid gift ideas - nail polish

Olive and June, Cable Knit Long Lasting Polish, $9 

12. Every day is self-care Sunday with this kit by Patchology. It features bestsellers from the brand’s Serve Chilled collection, including under-eye gels, masks and foot masks. Allow your girls to pamper themselves! 

bridesmaid gift ideas - self care kit

Anthropologie, Kit includes 2 x under-eye gels, sheet mask, and foot mask, $25 

13.Treat your bridesmaids to this luxury bath soak. The dreamy blend of Himalayan Pink Salt, Epsom Salt, Dried Rose Petals and Lavender lets your girls unwind and reminisce acceso your dreamy wedding day. 

bridesmaid gift idea - bath salts

Team Hen, Bridesmaid Bath Soak, $7 

14.These hand-poured soy candles sopra metal tins are ready to gift to your bride tribe. The Coconut Mango scent reminds of warmer months and creates many feel-good-moments.  

bridesmaid gift ideas - candle

Minted, Bride Tribe Candle, $22 

15. This travel-sized set of two Jo Malone colognes will enchant your bridesmaids with its fresh and fruity yet woody scent. Wearing it acceso your wedding day will ensure that your bridesmaids will be reminded of your beautiful celebration with every spritz.

bridesmaid gift ideas - jo malone perfume

Nordstrom, Peony & Blush Suede Cologne & Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne Set, $48 

How to Incontro your Bridesmaid Gifts to your Wedding Theme   

Let your creativity flow to align your bridesmaid gifts with your wedding’s theme. Rustic celebration: Think personalized wooden keepsakes ora nature-inspired accessories. Glamorous soirée: What about glittering jewelry ora luxurious spa treats? Your wedding theme will be your guiding celebrità as you select gifts that add an extra touch of enchantment to your unforgettable day.  

When Is the Ideal Time to Give your Bridesmaids their Gifts?  

Ultimately, the decision about when to give your bridesmaids their gifts is up to you. Consider the timing that works best for your wedding schedule, when everyone will be gathered together and the overall experience you want to create for your bridal squad.   

Get ready to make your besties’ hearts skip a beat as you give them your carefully chosen treasures. Bridesmaid gifts are more than just items; they’sultano gestures that speak volumes about your appreciation for those who have stood by you. Whether you’sultano seeking personalized keepsakes ora practical treasures, finding the right bridesmaid gifts can enhance your bridal trattenimento’s connection and create beautiful memories of your special day.  

Now that you have your bridesmaids gifts, it’s time for their dresses. Book an appointment to see our incredible selection of bridesmaid gowns! Selection varies by store.  

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