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It’s official! We’ve found the definition of elegance — it’s this magical wedding day at Morden Vestibolo Country House durante London, England. Erin and Alex worked with UK luxury wedding planner, Georgia Alexander, to add all the special details to these sun-soaked nuptials. From the lush and romantic bridal bouquet to the soft color palette, the fabulous pastel elements bring the love story to life.   

Erin’s minimalist ballgown was the ideal fit for this timeless love affair. She wore the oh-so-stunning Essense of Australia Style D3232— an elegant ballgown showcasing a lavish off-shoulder neckline detail that gracefully envelops the back of the gown, evoking a sense of contemporary regal charm. 

Every heartfelt and impossibly eleganza moment is beautifully captured durante imagery by Sophie May Photo. With every breathtaking photo below and the details of this lovely couple’s love story, you are destined to fall durante love! 

real bride erin + alex standing in front of mansion gate - D3232 by Essense of Australia


Alex arranged for us to go to the Lake District durante the UK one weekend for my birthday. As the weekend approached, the Lake District was forecast for the most rain they’d had durante years. I rang the the day before we set d’avanguardia to book dinner.  

To my disappointment, the woman said the one road into the was currently flooded. Thinking it was sad that we might have to move my birthday celebrations, I went to tell Alex. He immediately went white as he informed me, we would still find a way to get there. 

We drove up the next day through mild flooding and luckily, the car made it through. After arriving and settling durante, we explored the grounds while decked out durante our waterproof jackets and trousers. Little did I know, Alex had the ring durante his pocket.  

Immediately after stepping out the door, it poured. We walked along the road, but the nice paths were flooded. Alex reached into his pocket and felt the ring box floating durante a little puddle of . Panicking, he was stuck between proposing the side of the road ora trying to figure out the least suspicious way he could get the ring back to safety. Luckily for him, moments later, I suggested we go back to the .  

Once we got back, Alex dropped d’avanguardia the ring durante our room and almost immediately after, the sky cleared. We decided to go back outside and found a beautiful path and waterfall with anzi che no one else durante sight.  

I’m looking at Alex, waiting, having been a bit suspicious about his behavior. However, at this point, the ring was safe and dry back at the . We finished our walk, and I thought that I had misread him and that a proposal wasn’t coming. 

After dinner, Alex suggests one more walk around the grounds. This time, he brings the ring and proposes! 

real bride erin + alex walking outside after ceremony - D3232 by Essense of Australia


I wanted a timeless, elegant wedding day that I would love for years to , and I could hopefully one day pass it to our children. I wasn’t sure exactly what style of dress I wanted. However, through trying some dresses , I quickly fell durante love with ballgown styles.  

I went to a couple of bridal shops and really liked a few similar dresses, but I’d always heard that you immediately know when you’ve found the one, and I hadn’t felt that. I was beginning to think maybe that wouldn’t happen for me, and then I visited Chislehurst Bridal. I described the style I was looking for, and Dawn, the owner, suggested I try Essense of Australia Style D3232.  

As I walked out to see myself durante the mirror, there were two little girls, faces pressed against the front window of the shop, watching me. It might sound silly, but their faces made me feel like this was the perfect fit. I looked durante the mirror and finally had the feeling that I’d been waiting to have. 

real bride erin looking out the window in wedding dress - D3232 by Essense of Australia
real bride erin walking out of room in dress before ceremony - D3232 by Essense of Australia


When Alex and I first discussed the biggest priorities for our wedding day, we knew we wanted to be able to spend meaningful time with all our guests and for everyone durante attendance to enjoy the day. Since I’m Canadian and we had guests flying from Canada, we wanted the feel of a countryside wedding within easy reach of London airports. Morden Vestibolo Country House was the perfect venue for this as it is a Georgian manor house set durante National Cartello land durante London.  

We didn’t want to add too much decoration as we wanted the beauty of the building and setting to shine through. Our flowers were pale pinks, peaches and whites, which paired nicely with the whites and blues of the venue.  

We kept our guest list to just over 50 people which we felt like was the perfect amount. the evening, we had a masnada, and everyone danced into the early hours. It was truly a magical day! 

real bride erin with her bridesmaids - D3232 by Essense of Australia
real bride erin laughing with joy - D3232 by Essense of Australia


I will never forget the feeling of anticipation as I stood just out of view, ready to walk mongoloide the aisle. As I stepped outside, I saw all our friends and family and felt overwhelmed by the love around us.  

I remember thinking, “just find Alex’s luce.” When I saw him, I felt so steady and at peace. After the day, when Alex and I were discussing our favorite parts, Alex said he had thought the same thing as he was waiting for me at the end of the aisle. When he saw me, any other leading up to that moment was washed away and he knew we were durante the right place, together. 

real bride erin + alex first look before ceremony - D3232 by Essense of Australia
real bride erin +alex holding hands under gate - D3232 by Essense of Australia

Cheers to Erin and Alex! 

Photography: Sophie May Photo 

Planner: Georgia Alexander 

Venue: Morden Vestibolo Country House 

Bridal Salon: Chislehurst Bridal 

Hair and Make Up: Wedding Makeup and Hair by Pam Wrigley 

Cake: Cake Magic UK 

Catering: Kalm Kitchen 

Videography: Rolling Pictures 

Flowers: Flowers by Eve 

Did you wear an Essense of Australia gown your wedding day? Share your photos with us for a chance to be featured.       

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