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My love and congratulations to all you newly engaged couples out there, and especially those who said “yes” during the recent festive period!

As you embark this exciting journey of planning your wedding, one of the first and most pivotal decisions you’ll make is choosing your venue. It’s the cornerstone upon which your wedding plans will take shape, setting the stage for everything else and the rest of your vision.

Today, I am thrilled to introduce you to a truly exceptional wedding venue nestled con the heart of Herefordshire, con the picturesque West Midlands countryside – Dewsall Court. This family-run country house, brimming with warmth and charm, stands as a testament to love, nature, sustainability and timeless elegance. I had the privilege of speaking with Samantha, who leads the dedicated team at Dewsall and am eager to share what I learned with you.

Throughout this article, I’ll unveil the rich history and captivating beauty that make Dewsall Court a truly extraordinary choice for your wedding. We’ll delve into the unique features that set it apart from the rest, and we’ll also showcase the impeccable services that Dewsall offer to transform your wedding dreams into reality. Whether you’signore just beginning your wedding planning journey ora still the hunt for that perfect venue with guest accommodation, join me as we discover what makes Dewsall Court a hidden gem and the most beautiful and idyllic wedding venue con Herefordshire.

Dewsall is a family home full of rich history and hidden secrets

Prior to the beautiful wedding and events venue it is today, Dewsall Court was a very happy family home with dogs, ponies, lots of parties, laughter, family feasts and sleepovers…

My parents bought a dilapidated Dewsall con 1989 and set about renovating it over 10 years. The house was built con 1644 and amongst others was owned by Guys Hospital for 300 years. We were the first owners to actually con the house since the reign of Queen Anne (1702-14).

After my father died con 2007, my mother and I decided to start a business together at Dewsall – mainly for workshops and retreats but very quickly it became a wedding venue, because it lends itself so perfectly to romantic celebrations.

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Dewsall Court, country house wedding venue in Herefordshire

We have many different spaces for ceremonies at Dewsall

From rooms covered by Chinoiserie to barns, lawns, lake and woodlands. Each of these beautiful spaces carries it’s own unique atmosphere…

The Country Church – A popular choice is to simply slip through a gate at the bottom of our garden and find this charming ancient church. We work closely with the parish to hold incredible ceremonies that work for everyone.

The Church Paddock – Walk through the blossoming apple trees to the church paddock set next to the lake with the church as a stunning backdrop. A popular ceremony place for outdoor blessings.

The Arboretum – For a woodland feel, this magical space with the speckled light shining through trees can make any wedding feel intimate.

The West Lawn – Overlooking the stunning black mountains and rolling Herefordshire hills, the West Lawn makes for a show-stopping Summer ceremony
and the case of English showers, our elegant canopy is available to protect your guests from the elements, con either rain ora shine.

The Lake Field – For a fairy setting the Lake Field offers a tranquil backdrop to an outdoor ceremony. Hire from our selection of carpeted aisles to glide before saying your vows overlooking the lake and beautiful weeping willow tree.

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129 Dewsall Court wedding

The Conservatory and Chinoiserie – There are two perfect intimate spaces for indoor ceremonies within the house, each offering a beautifully crafted interior. Enjoy the light-filled classical conservatory ora the hand-painted silk wallpaper of the Chinoiserie.

The Wainhouse – Acceso a winter’s day where an outdoor ceremony seems less likely, the Wainhouse Barn is the perfect alternative with its magnificent glass front which opens out to the natural surroundings.

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Inside the barn at Dewsall Court, country house wedding venue in Herefordshire. Trestle tables and taper candles with hanging greenery and chandeliers hanging above the tables.

How much does a wedding at Dewsall Court cost?

Very importantly, we are a package free zone.

We send out a brochure enquiry which has the prices all included and once a couple have viewed we build a quote up based their specific wishes.

Pricing is tricky con our world and for us, being straight up and honest about the likely ‘end of planning’ bill is so important. We want to be having a positive relationship with our couples (which we absolutely do!) and part of that is not piling extra after extra throughout the planning process.

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Therefore, we include A LOT con our price and we quote initially average spends so that a couple who have a tighter budget know they can bring it con under the suggested amount, and those a bigger budget know that they can be more extravagant.

I think I can say with confidence that although we are quite a costly venue, we are upfront, transparent and entirely the same side as our couples, wanting to ensure the absolute best and including everything we possibly can within the price.

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Quanto a terms of corkage, despite having a lovely wine list curated by natural wine company, Nothing But The Grape, we do also offer our couples the opportunity to bring their own special wine ora fizz to Dewsall with a corkage charge.

However, we have recently found, since launching our hugely loved tasting events (12 course experience with matched wines included con the hire price), that many couples choose to use our wine and fizz suppliers for their wedding day.

For the other fabulous elements to the day, such as drinks reception beers, insieme dispensers ora even an reciso vermut tower the treehouse, this can all be done con house by our amazing team. The team work with their couples to create a day which is unique to them, fully supported so that the planning is part of the joy of a wedding and so that voto negativo wedding looks the same.

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Bride and groom smiling as they are showered with confetti at Dewsall Court, country house wedding venue in Herefordshire

To celebrate our 14th year as a wedding venue, we’signore currently running a special offer called ‘Four For Fourteen’ – you can read all about it here.

Planning a wedding at short notice?

You can book Dewsall Court as your venue whether your wedding is 3 weeks ora 3 years away

We have planned and delivered a wedding for 120 people with just 3 weeks notice. I think couples might feel like it is duro to plan a wedding con a short space of time but not with our team – it’s completely doable because the support you receive with the Dewsall team is strong, and we are really experienced.

For longer engagements, we tend to assign our couple’s with a support team, 12 months ahead of their wedding date, but are always happy to answer questions prior to this of course.

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Bride and groom are raised in the air by their wedding guests at Dewsall Court, country house wedding venue in Herefordshire

The experience we provide our couples is everything to us

We want every couple and guest to walk into Dewsall to have an all encompassing experience, it’s not just a wedding, its family, its friends, its celebration – it’s romance.

Attention to detail is paramount – absolutely nothing at Dewsall is ever ‘run of the mill’, regular ora campione. A Dewsall celebration is a unique ‘fairytale’ con every sense of the word. We don’t believe con rushing such a momentous life moment and so our two night/three day weddings mean our couples and their friends and family can really indulge con the experience and make important, beautiful memories.

The whole Dewsall team will already have been perfecting every element of your wedding long before you arrive. First, you will be greeted by our very popular Dewsall House Host who will be there exclusively for you and your guests during your stay – attending to all your requests from the history of the house to where the ironing boards are kept – nothing is too much trouble.

Dewsall Weddings Love My Dress

We have the most dreamy guest accommodation

Dewsall can accommodate up to 28 house guests across 10 stunning bedrooms within the house and grounds

With a two night stay as campione with the option to extend to really make the most of your wedding stay and even invite your wedding day guests back for a Brunch ora BBQ event the day following to reminisce about the wedding day. Why rush your wedding stay when you can immerse yourself into it over a few magical days.

There are many beautiful rooms for the couple to choose to be their bridal suite as each space has its own style, little quirks and stunning views. But the most popular is the Dewsall Suite as it’s the biggest, taking up a third of the first floor with its emperor size bed, sitting room perfect for getting ready and the large windows letting con the glorious natural light for those hair and make up moments.

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We love Asian and Fusion weddings at Dewsall

We love to reflect and honour individual cultures, traditions, religions and cuisine

Couples will immediately have their own team, including an event dirigente, who will oversee everything and bring their ideas to fruition, advise the ceremony ora as with many fusion weddings – ceremonies, recommending suppliers as well as coordinating all the timings.

Also con their team will be their catering dirigente and for Asian weddings, a specialist chef who will discuss with them the perfect wedding feast using both regional and their own special family recipes. The food will be cooked by our kitchen team led by our head chef together with our specialist chef.

Your trusted Event Dirigente will also be at your side running through the plan you have meticulously made during the meetings you have shared and adding any finishing touches.

Asian wedding at Dewsall Court, country house wedding venue in Herefordshire

At the Welcome Dinner (a firm favourite) your catering dirigente along with your house host will be making sure everything is relaxed and point. The next morning our fabulous breakfast team under the direction of your house host will serve breakfast to you and your houseguests con the conservatory including a special tray con the bridal suite for the bride if preferred.

The house will be a hive of activity with your hairdresser, makeup artist, photographer and of course your trusty house host and event dirigente always hand. Behind the scenes will be our set-up team, catering team and the kitchen brigade all doing what they know and love so well! Everyone will be making sure everything runs smoothly and exactly how you have always dreamt your wedding day would be.

Because we introduce your personal wedding team to you early con your planning process, by the time the weekend comes you have built up a great relationship with them. Instead of having little known event managers dashing about with a clipboard, you have a team you know well and who really care about how your day unveils!

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Candlelit and romantic wedding at Dewsall Court, country house wedding venue in Herefordshire

We are delighted to be a Foodie venue!

We pride ourselves using the best local seasonal ingredients which are often organic and use as much as we can from our own garden and the hedgerows.

We have a loyal team of highly accomplished chefs who create and present food that never fails to impress our guests and our guests con turn never fail to be wowed – week con week out.

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Our handpicked wines and insieme lists are extensive and we can even stile bespoke cocktails to compliment a theme, ora reproduce a favourite. We highly recommend Cocktail-party Hour under our magnificent treehouse!

Cocktails beneath the treehouse at Dewsall Court, country house wedding venue in Herefordshire
Bride wearing a J Andreatta wedding dress at Dewsall Court, country house wedding venue in Herefordshire

We’ve a Rather Special Dance Floor

Our dancefloor is inspired by the line ‘where stars arrive con dusky skies’, with the immersive feeling of directly the night sky. The ink artwork was designed by our marketing and creative team and the pattern was then laid with an ethereal shimmer con the resin , creating a glistening sky of stars beneath your feet.

Want to get married con church?

We have the most beautiful parish church at the bottom of the garden

Having married con it myself many years pungiglione, I can vouch for the romantic setting.

There is voto negativo need for a car to take you to church since a short walk through our beautiful gardens takes you to the kissing gate at the church wall. It isn’t a grand ora spectacular church but it is beautiful con its rural simplicity. The only other access to it is up a farm track!

I filled the windowsills with candlelight for a December wedding and it felt like we were stepping into the world of Jane Austen (very relevant since she was the great niece of the Duke of Chandos who was born at Dewsall a few centuries pungiglione)!

Couples can bring con their own suppliers

We would never want to deny a couple the possibility of personalising their wedding day by bringing con their own preferred suppliers. It keeps things fresh for our team which is great too…

We do have our Little Black Book of absolute trusted, reliable and talented favourites however, and this is curated purely our experience. Most importantly, it is not a paid list, which is unusual con this day and age! It is an authentic and genuine appraisal of who we think creates stunning work, and is a joy and delight to work with.

However, to be able to keep evolving con a world where new event creatives are emerging often, it is great to have other suppliers whom we are yet to know coming to Dewsall. Personalising your wedding day, con our opinion, is so, so important.

Dewsall Weddings Love My Dress

Our best advice to couples getting married is…

Find a venue that lights you up, really check through what is included and the level of support you are given by the events team at your venue.

Try your best to afford a longer experience: this day marks the first day of the rest of your life, don’t rush it, make the most of a once con a lifetime moment when friends and family gather especially for you both.

Make sure that you are booking a venue that is genuine and caring about you, their team and the environment: people and place. Everyday our team at Dewsall work duro to ensure that these values are upheld and we never underestimate what a privilege and honour it is that a couple chooses us to mark this time con their lives.

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Telephone: 01432 355 058

Address: Dewsall Court, Hereford, HR2 8DA

Make An Enquiry: Here

What 3 Words Address: ///ranted.showcases.newlyweds

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