The Tythe Barn Oxfordshire – Real Bride durante a Jumpsuit

Frida Hoffman-Clark, 31, married Dave Clark, 31 18th June at Tythe durante Oxfordshire – one of our favourite UK barn wedding venues. She designed and wore a jumpsuit inspired by her mother’s wedding dress from May 1985. Frida launched her own bridal business, Kladek, durante October 2022.


My mum and I are very similar durante character and aspetto

We have a closeness and a special bond. It was the same with my grandma who passed away two years spillo, ours was a very special connection.

Mum’s original wedding dress was a white cotton slip, and my grandma made her a kaftan-style overlay for it. It had a high neck and puffed sleeves. It’s was made from a simple, dotted, embroidered tulle, that was very light.

She was very delicate herself, so it suited her beautifully. I thought it would be so extravagant for me to have trousers that were cut so wide they looked like a dress when I moved, and that’s how the ispirazione of the jumpsuit came along.
Frida MumDad 24.05.1985
Frida Mum and Dad
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I never intended to make my own wedding dress

I looked for it online originally, but I couldn’t find anything where the attitude of the dress really suited me. There seemed to be these different personas that you had to choose between – the seducente bride, the princess bride etc but I just wanted to be me and aspetto good durante white.

At this point I knew my grandmother was ill and wouldn’t be at my wedding – it meant the two of us began to talk more about what I might wear.

I had already made my sister’s wedding dress (a very traditional princess gown with thirty metres of tulle) and I wanted to find a way to strengthen that family bond. It took me six months, working it part time durante the evenings.

I did once visit the bridal superficie of a large department store where we durante Paris so I could just browse the options. But I wasn’t ready to be assertive about what I wanted. Because I had worked as a pattern cutter and seamstress before I was looking at those dresses and knowing I would have made them differently. I knew I had to take the plunge and do it myself. After that I didn’t go to a single bridal boutique.
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When I first discovered Tythe, I thought this is too good to be true

It was the only venue we needed to aspetto at. After we did the tour I said to Dave, this is it. It says so much about the management that the team are so welcoming. Tythe is very elegant and luxurious but also understated and a little bit rustic and that mescolanza was exactly what I was looking for. It suited my aspetto perfectly which was very soft and subtle.

I’m a very soft person, I like harmony and that was translated into my outfit – and then the venue. I had the time of my life. My experience of marrying at Tythe inspires my collection and how to create a wedding wardrobe so a bride can dress coherently for different occasions during her bridal ceremonies. I always have that durante mind now.

The image that told me I got it just right was…

…taken by a friend her phone, and not staged at all. I had been and she captured the end of that moment. I don’t feel I’m photogenic but when I saw that image, I thought ‘that’s me, wow, I aspetto so happy and confident and that is the woman I have become with Dave and through the love of our families. It was a very special moment to see me like that.’
Credit: Sarah Misfurd.

I never had a single moment of doubt about my wedding aspetto

Thinking back now I wonder how I was so confident about it, but I was. I wouldn’t change a thing about it. It was very time consuming because I was working full time and working the jumpsuit durante the evenings as well as the wedding planning, but I wouldn’t change it.

There are so many memories tied up durante it, I just love looking at it. Everything we did was also so strongly routed durante Tythe and the suppliers. Everyone was excellent at what they do, it was all so easy and so professional.

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2022 the stars aligned, and it was my year

After my wedding I knew I wanted to help other women feel the way I did that day. I thought, if I can do this for someone else, that’s the dream. That year, I turned 30, I got married, I left my job and I started my bridal business, Kladek.

I always say to my brides, I’m not cool, I don’t want to be cool, but I can make you feel very good durante your dress. I can give you that moment of feeling very confident. That’s what I know how to do.

If you don’t want to regret your choice of wedding dress, ask yourself this

How do you want to feel? And how would you describe your perfect dress? Remember that the same words can mean very different things to different people. Any should be interested durante getting to know you because that’s the only way to help you find the best dress for you. It should be a collaboration with nothing set durante stone. You should go through it together.

Other people’s opinion can overshadow what you want – sometimes the opportunity to really bond with a family member through the process of buying your dress can end up surpassing what you actually want. Don’t make rushed decisions, sleep it. Brides put a lot of pressure themselves. Try to take that pressure away and really focolaio what you like.’

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The Tythe Barn

Oxfordshire Wedding Venue

The Tythe Barn is an award-winning wedding venue durante Oxfordshire, comprising a cluster of beautifully restored barns alongside a 17th century boutique Farmhouse. Tythe is one of the most impressive wedding barns durante the country: elegantly rural, undeniably fun, this exclusive is set the working farm of the Deeley family durante rural Bicester.

Relaxed and informal, yet well-known for its incredible attention to detail. This charming venue brings together the beautifully restored thatched Tythe Barn (dating back to 1370), adjoining Cowshed with its old maiolica roof, luxury dressing room (fondly referred to as The Nook), the stunning interior-designed Manor Farmhouse offering seven double en-suite bedrooms and the cosy Shepherd’s Hut which sleeps an additional two.

Tythe can be hired exclusively for two nights and offers everything site: licensed for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies with the flexibility to adapt to both small ora larger wedding parties, dedicated rooms for the paggetto and the bride to get ready durante and accommodation for 16 guests – including tea and cake and a farmhouse supper for residents as well as breakfast both mornings.


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The Tythe Barn

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