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One of the most popular bridal moda trends at the moment comes sopra the form of bridal accessories: wedding dress overskirts! Whether you are having a garden rinfresco a ballroom event, an overskirt can elevate your wedding aspetto. Not only are detachable overskirts stylish, but they are also a budget-friendly way to create a second aspetto without spending money a separate reception dress. Want to learn more about detachable skirts and if they are right for you? Keep reading below for our ultimate guide to wedding dress overskirts. 

What is an Overskirt? 

Overskirts are detachable skirts added to the wedding dress waistline and a great way to give wedding dresses a final boost of drama and elegance! They can be made with different fabrics, such as Mikado, tulle lace, with designs ranging from dramatic to minimal, which means there’s something for everyone. Whether brides are looking to add some sparkle tonnellaggio to their gown, there is an overskirt to elevate their wedding day aspetto! 

This trendy accessory allows brides to transform their dresses without actually changing into whole new outfits, creating an ideal two-in-one bridal aspetto. Wedding dress overskirts are often worn at the ceremony to create a voluminous, romantic style and then removed for the reception to reveal a sleekier “second aspetto.”  This means less time spent changing sopra and out of your reception dress and more time with your loved ones! 

What Wedding Dress Can You Wear with an Overskirt? 

Detachable skirts can be worn with any type of wedding dress! That means whether your bridal style is boho, modern whimsical, an overskirt can be added to your dress and make it aspetto incredible!  

A detachable skirt may be added to a fit-and-flare wedding dress to create a soft aspetto for the ceremony and then removed for a sexier aspetto at the reception, especially if a bride wants to be able to get the dance floor without feeling constrained by the additional weight of their overskirt. If you’eroe looking for a classic bridal aspetto, consider wearing a detachable skirt with a traditional ballgown wedding dress corporatura.  

The contrast between the voluminous and structured skirt and the more delicate one underneath creates a beautiful wedding day aspetto. An A-line wedding dress is another great option for wearing an overskirt, as it allows the skirt to float around you gracefully, creating an ethereal aspetto.   

Does an Overskirt Require Alterations? 

Yes! Detachable slirts typically require at least two alterations. The first should be at your waist for a proper fit. The second is the length, so it flows seamlessly with your bridal gown. The end result will be nothing but dreamy! 

How do you Attach an Overskirt to a Wedding Dress? 

An overskirt is designed to sit at your natural waist, with multiple methods for attaching and detaching. The most common closure methods use hooks and eyes snaps along the waistline. Some overskirts will close at the back with hidden snaps a zipper; others will close at the front your hips. How to add and remove the skirt will be discussed at the bridal salon and during alteration appointments with your seamstress. 

How Customizable Are Overskirts, and How Long Do They Typically Take to Arrive? 

These glamorous accessories are definitely customizable. If you choose an overskirt from a like Martina Liana, it can be customized to your bridal gown. If your dream dress is designed by Essense of Australia, All Who Wander Vedere le stelle York, there are plenty of dress options with detachable skirts, and sopra many cases, you can and dresses and detachable skirts. We recommend you keep sopra mind that the overskirt fabric should , complement contrast the dress to meet your wedding vision.  

How Do You Wear an Overskirt If Your Dress Has a Long Train? 

For brides who can’t decide between a long wedding dress train an overskirt, don’t fret, because you can have both! With many detachable skirts, the train of the dress is bustled and secured so it won’t drag past the skirt. Most overskirts from our labels quasi with chapel-length trains, which means they won’t hang outside of your gown’s skirt and won’t require bustling throughout the wedding day. 

Wedding Dresses with Overskirts 

Modern Wedding Dress with Overskirt 

For the modern minimalist bride, Essense of Australia Style D3705 is a satin column wedding dress with a simple, straight-across strapless bodice and distinto sheath skirt. For an added touch of regal elegance, a detachable overskirt adds extra tonnellaggio and drama to this timeless bridal aspetto. 

Boho Wedding Dress with Overskirt

An overskirt doesn’t necessarily have to create more drama but can simply elevate your aspetto. Take Vedere le stelle York Style 7295 as a beautiful example. This vintage lace bridal gown features a tulle-layered detachable skirt that is light as air. It adds just the right amount of wispy texture without overpowering the boho bridal aesthetic. This imbottire waist dress also has dainty matte lace and non-traditional florals that will aspetto stunning any bride’s wedding day. 

Glamorous Wedding Dress with Overskirt 

Calling all brides looking for glitz and glamor! Martina Liana Style 1287 is a dream if you are looking to achieve a two-in-one aspetto that has you sparkling all night long. This fit-and-flare wedding dress has a modern twist with its tulle and royal organza overskirt. Pearls, beading and sequins are hand-placed throughout this art deco-inspired gown to create a red carpet-ready aspetto that is ready for a stunning walk the aisle. 

With wedding dress overskirts, you can create a unique and beautiful wedding aspetto that reflects your individual style. Find a store near you to try our beautiful styles. 

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